Thinking about the old days

The boy is only 5 years old but numerous times lately, I’ve found myself thinking back to when he was younger. Not sure what the trigger is, for these thoughts.

Perhaps the continuing display of his infamous “stubbornness” or desire to learn to read and do math. Skills associated with Elementary children, not “toddlers”. Our boy is growing up. Damn it.

7/2010. Catching up on his daily International Business reading time.

7/2010. Catching up on his daily International Business reading time.

Remembering the days when he couldn’t yet speak, walked like a drunken sailor, perhaps is just yearning for when his life, our life, was more simple. Recently, we’ve had to research which elementary school is best for him. And, I signed him up for two day-camps this summer.

Not that I do not appreciate the present day but I’m a bit surprised that I think about his ‘younger’ days so much. Maybe seeing a 2year old photo, triggers these memories but I wonder if this is just the beginning. No matter what age he is, will I periodically think back to younger days with an almost ‘those were the days’ attitude…


Btw, this is a completely random thought that I want to get down.

Past few months, Will has been tickled pink proud of a unique skill he possesses. He can extend out his pinky toes far wider than normal or I can. Just this AM, at the breakfast table, while barefoot, he stuck out his right foot and said, “dad, can you do this?” And extended his pinky toe. It’s like he’s double jointed or something. But, he clearly knows I can’t do this and so wants to remind me that he CAN do this. It always makes him laugh, he is so proud of himself.

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