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Recent NPR story on SAHDs

The other day, I caught part of this on the radio. Here is the entire story: “Stay-At-Home Dads, Breadwinner Moms And Making It All Work” Link to the story and 200+ comments

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Stay in your bed and GO TO SLEEP!!

In the last month or two, Will lost his desire/ability to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. Not sure how or why but it’s driving me nuts. Historically, our ‘routine’ was in pajamas, teeth brushed and bedtimes stories read … Continue reading

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Never under estimate the power of the jinx

I’m into my third week of training for my next marathon after taking off about 2 months for an injury. Haven’t discussed the current training much here, because I truly believe if I talk too much about my training, specifically … Continue reading

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New favorite song

Will really enjoys music. Often, he’ll play his toy piano or guitar. But what he really loves is to sing. And he is not shy about it. He has sung at school, at friend’s house and even at a restaurant. … Continue reading

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