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Show me the $Money$

Besides keeping my son safe, fed, entertained, and to his appointments on time, one of my key tasks as a SAHD is to manage our budget. I wish it was as simple as ‘managing’ but dramatically reducing expenditures, is the … Continue reading

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SAHD stats

Just came across these stats about SAHDs and thought worth passing on. First, from the “National At-home Dad Network” : What is an “At-Home Dad”? Definition– An at-home dad (also called stay-at-home dad or SAHD) is any father who is the daily, primary … Continue reading

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More turns from Stevens Pass

Last weekend we put Will into just a half day lesson, since we had trouble getting up for the required early start for a full day. 🙂 Will’s skiing skills are advancing with leaps and bounds. Now turning with ease … Continue reading

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Stay at Home Dads online

Since I left the cubicle farm, I haven’t made much of an effort to find and connect with other Stay at home dads (SAHD) in the area. And I kinda regret that. Today, heard on the radio that there are … Continue reading

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Comfort Food

Just notice I haven’t written about the magic being created in the kitchen in awhile. The other night a friend joined us for dinner so I wanted to make something requiring a bit more effort and was seasonally appropriate. I … Continue reading

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A wordsmith explains why we run.

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My Quotable Kid

This Christmas, a good friend gave us a book, “My Quotable Kid.” Basically, it is a book to record memorable things your child says. I think I’ve mentioned one or two already but we are slowly adding entries and I … Continue reading

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