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Staying within the Lines

As I’ve written before, it is stunning how quickly Will develops new skills, words and knowledge. Just the other day, Will was coloring, which he does most days. But this time, I noticed that he (mostly) colored ‘within the lines.’ … Continue reading

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Flying with a Toddler, part 1

Last week, Will and I flew East to visit family and friends in Atlanta and Charlotte. Will has crisscrossed this vast country several times so flying is old hat to him. And, the boys (only) flew to Delaware in June … Continue reading

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Home Cooking

Since leaving my job this summer, one of my goals is to reduce our monthly expenditures. And after tracking our income/spending for several months using, the first spending category I’m targeting to reduce is Food. Obviously, the first item … Continue reading

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It’s Gotta be the Shoes

My closet is a mess. And the first content to “organize” should be my running shoes. Currently, I  have five pairs plus one more pair in the basement that I put screws into, for ice/snow running. (yeah, I know…how often … Continue reading

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Love to Read

Since about day one, Will has loved story time and to read. Which is a good thing since we live 5 minutes from an excellent public library and he owns 2000 books. The other day, we read three books then … Continue reading

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Lessons learned from Victoria Marathon

Ran the Victoria Marathon last Sunday. “Ran” is an applicable term only for the first 19 miles, before I hit the Wall (hard) and ‘shuffled’, not ran, the rest of the way to a 3:53 finish. It was a frustrating … Continue reading

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So many choices…

Last year, Halloween wasn’t a huge deal to Will. He was enthusiastic about dressing up but kinda walked through the motions of the big day. Now this year, things are really different. For several weeks, he’s been announcing daily, what … Continue reading

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Three days and counting…

I’m running the Victoria Marathon in just three days. And oddly, I haven’t been thinking much about it. Usually, I’m completely obsess over upcoming races… Maybe it’s a good thing that I’m not so focused on the event. Perhaps, it … Continue reading

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Reading while Riding

The other day Will was reading one of his ‘space’ books and decided to go outside to ride his bike. He asked for a few pieces of (green) duct tape. I didn’t ask why…just I told him to get his … Continue reading

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