Car Math

A few weeks ago, on the car ride to school, Will asked for; “let’s do some Math.” Not sure how this got started but now, nearly every day, we ‘do math’ on the ride to preschool.

Will’s ‘Car Math’ may have emerged from Will volunteering that he knew some basic addition facts- like 2+2=4. It quickly evolved into him asking me to quiz him with simple math questions after reading books at bedtime. He has been doing basic addition in his preschool and daily bring home his classwork, that are math worksheets. Those Chinese preschools do love their Math. Not to brag but he usually gets the majority of the questions correct. The kid is very pleased with his success and motivated- must of gotta that from his mother.

His “Math” questions started with just addition, asking questions using single digits. But now we’ve upped the numbers to below 40 and begun subtraction questions too. The boy also, routinely states what never, ever came out of my mouth, “I love Math.”

The only real downside of these exercises is that he often doesn’t handle being told he gave a wrong answer well. If he misses one, you can see his stubborn side (which could be its own LONG blog post) emerge. Often, he’ll answer ‘zero’ and become entrenched that his answer was right and or the answer really was zero.

Regardless, I’ll keep up the commuting time math and deal with any downsides when necessary. Perhaps, if his mathematical development continues to blossom at this rate, by 1st or 2nd grade he’ll take the SAT.


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  1. John says:

    Better yet, maybe by his 1st or 2nd grade, the SAT will be history…

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