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Still running towards a BQ

The last few posts have been all about the boy but I’m still running and still motivated to BQ in May. Just noticed less than 12 weeks before the Eugene Marathon. Holy Sheet…. The training has gone well so far. … Continue reading

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The start of the long march to Eugene

This week is the beginning of my training for the 2015 Eugene Marathon. This is week #20. (20 weeks before the race) The start of every training period always fills me with mixed emotions. First, I’m excited, eager to get … Continue reading

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How far and how fast?

After the end of January injury, (a weird above the left knee, inside muscle strain)I stopped running completely for 5 weeks and for the past month have been slowly jogging with a decreasing amount of walking. This week, I’m finally … Continue reading

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The 2013 Marathon Plan

About a year or so ago, I bought Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas. Highly recommended by several sources and I read it but didn’t use it as the main source to development my 2012 training schedule. Truthfully, … Continue reading

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