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Cheap eats with NPR recipes

Since leaving the corporate world, I listen to the radio daily, often for hours. While I’m doing miscellaneous tasks, the radio is background noise. Feeding Will breakfast (which sometimes takes hours) is NPR (94.9 KUOW) time until 9am. Then, I … Continue reading

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First Ski lesson of the Year

The Washington State ski resorts all opened the week of Turkey Day. Well, partially opened. Mt. Baker is the only resort with all runs open. Stevens Pass currently has four lifts open and the family headed that way yesterday. This … Continue reading

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Doctor’s Appointment(s)

The past few days Will had his 4 year old well care visit, (Group Health Epic speak for yearly check up) and his yearly complete care team appointment at Children’s Hospital. Wish I could say we’re done with appointments for … Continue reading

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The 2013 Marathon Plan

About a year or so ago, I bought Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas. Highly recommended by several sources and I read it but didn’t use it as the main source to development my 2012 training schedule. Truthfully, … Continue reading

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Night Terrors

Last night, Will awoke three times experiencing what we believe is a ‘night terror‘. Basically, a night terror is when a child wakes up, after being asleep, screaming, crying and or hysterical and is completely inconsolable. Boys are more likely … Continue reading

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Piggy Banking

The other day was Will’s 4th birthday and he received a generous amount of loot- shirts, hats and books. And he enthusiastically unwrapped each gift. A favorite was a large magnifying glass.  The #1 category of gift was “airplanes.” Below … Continue reading

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Migrating Salmon in Piper’s Creek

One of my favorite parks in Seattle is CarKeek park. Contains a nice open green space, great for picnics, a playground and access to 100 yard stretch of beach on Puget Sound opposite the Olympic Mountain range. Just north of … Continue reading

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Halloween 2012

Lucky for us, Will dropped the idea to dress up as the  “Whistler Peak to Peak” or “Ferry boat engine” and settled on a “Blue Angel Test Pilot.” And this costum didn’t require any assemblage since his good bud Kyle … Continue reading

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