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Christmas List

Following Will’s sense of order and preparation, today, out of nowhere he asked that I write down his Christmas list. As of today, here is what he wants for Christmas: Concorde toy plane Jumbo Jet Pen Butterfly toy Obama airplane … Continue reading

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Tough decision

Today’s weather is nearly perfect. High of 67 and bright, warm sunshine. The type of day just made for a nice long run. Today, I’m supposed to run 10 but not sure I should. Tough decision… My knee is not … Continue reading

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Save the little things they say

Yesterday, at, as my friend Todd calls it, the “BM” (Ballard Market), one of the check out folks spoke to Will as I loaded our supplies on the check out belt. Asked him his age and he replied “4”. Next … Continue reading

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Initial thoughts about Boston

I am a runner, a marathon runner and I wanted to be at Boston 2013. I spent more than a year training to get there. I learned of the bombing at the Boston Marathon about two hours after it happened. … Continue reading

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Radio Radio

Since leaving my corporate cube to stay home with the 4 year old, hours each day, are spent in the kitchen. Preparing and eating breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinners make up a big chunk of the day. And while I’m … Continue reading

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How far and how fast?

After the end of January injury, (a weird above the left knee, inside muscle strain)I stopped running completely for 5 weeks and for the past month have been slowly jogging with a decreasing amount of walking. This week, I’m finally … Continue reading

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