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Up the nose

The other day I saw the boy with his index finger up his left nostril. He is 5 so picking the nose happens. I prefer he spend his time doing other things so I walked over to him. He was … Continue reading

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CIM part 2: Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned: After my July Marathon, and Victoria last October, I posted about “lessons learned.” This time, I can post about CIM and call it “lesson learned and APPLIED.” Things I did right: Training: trained full 18 weeks, including two … Continue reading

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CIM race report

I ran the California International Marathon (CIM) last Sunday on 12/8. Here are some notes and reflections. The course is point to point that starts in Folsom, CA and ends by the state capital building in downtown Sacramento. I’ve never … Continue reading

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In Sacramento for the California International Marathon. For the past week I’ve worried, tossed and turned over the weather, am I fit enough, will I hit “the Wall”, etc, etc. I’ve been a worry machine. Walking back to the hotel … Continue reading

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