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North, to the Great White North

A few months ago, I received an email from my cousin David. He mentioned an upcoming trip to the Northwest and asked if we’d be in town mid September. We replied yes and hoped he’d stay with us for a … Continue reading

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“I want to tell you a story”

It may be a phase of cognitive child development, not sure, but just in the past week, Will has begun to tell stories. They are often brief and usually silly but stories none the less. He usually begins by announcing, … Continue reading

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Mile repeats

In my quest for lowering my Marathon PR the main methods, for me, include: lose weight run more weekly miles speed workouts Unfortunately, the first two options don’t work too well for me. First, I’ve plateaued at 180 pounds for … Continue reading

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Marathons and the 2012 Election

Running Marathons is already entrenched in our main stream culture. There are literally hundreds of races to choose from and each year there more new races to fill the growing, insatiable demand. And, the registration period, for many well known … Continue reading

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Too many little gems we forget

Within days of adopting Will, when he would wake up in his crib and want our attention, he’d stand up (head barely above the rail) and make Owl like “hoo,” “hoo” sounds. Even after he could pronounce “momma”, he continued … Continue reading

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There is a “Light at the end of the Tunnel” – Race Report

I usually plan my races months in advance but this one, I planned in early 2011. From periodically hanging out here , I’ve learned alot of the details of not just running marathons but about running multiple marathons. For one … Continue reading

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