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Spring is here?

Last Thursday was the first day of Spring and like many parts of the country, we certainly didn’t notice it here in the great NW. Stevens Pass and the North/Central Cascade Mts were hammered with 15+ inches of snow and … Continue reading

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How do you know who I am?

My son goes to daycare 3x per week and usually, I’m the one who drops him off and picks him up. So, I see the kids in the class, and they have the opportunity to see me, briefly. Often I’m … Continue reading

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Two things that stood out, at the Dentist today.

Today, took the boy to the dentist. They know us well. Will isn’t the best tooth brush and flosser, (yeah, we are working on that) has ‘soft’ teeth, so prone to cavities. I think he already has four fillings and … Continue reading

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School Picture Day

Talk about pressure….today is THE day. People have been asking about it; just the other day Will’s grandma asked when it was taking place. Notices were posted at school, a month ago, announcing the details. Today is school picture day. … Continue reading

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He knows I know he knows that..

Just read another great blog post from a fellow dad blogger ( The guy is a true wordsmith, an ex sports writer who now tells entertaining “stories” of family life. In this post, my favorite sentence was when he was … Continue reading

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My Lost Winter

I must admit, I’ve been in denial and didn’t want to admit it, at least publicly. Perhaps, I justified my silence by believing if it wasn’t mentioned, it wasn’t real. Also, lost my desire to write any posts, or even … Continue reading

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