Halloween 2012

Lucky for us, Will dropped the idea to dress up as the  “Whistler Peak to Peak” or “Ferry boat engine” and settled on a “Blue Angel Test Pilot.” And this costum didn’t require any assemblage since his good bud Kyle wore the same jumpsuit last year.

Yesterday afternoon started on a troubling note. I picked Will up early from school and when I walked into his classroom, several students and the teacher were huddled in a group around a trashcan. Confused, until I heard the teacher say “Violet isn’t feeling too well” and noticed she was throwing up into the trashcan. Since their Halloween party had started, I really hope Violet simply ate too much candy and didn’t have a stomach bug.

Hope you feel better Violet.

After Will climbed into his car seat we headed over to a friend’s house to pick up Suzanne, Miles and Nadine to go trick-or-treating on Market street. Since leaving the 9 to 5 life, Suzanne has turned into an impressive 1950s stay at home mom. She gardens, bakes, rides her Dutch bike, jars and of course made the kids Halloween costumes. Very impressive indeed. Here is Will and Miles (a Star Wars character):

Shop owners on Market Street in Ballard open their doors to trick-or-treaters 4pm-6ish and yes it is popular. Due to the rain the crowds weren’t too bad and we walked both sides of Market, from 24th NW East to the (old) Ballard firehouse and back. Heaps of adults also dressed up with numerous creative outfits on display. My favorite shop owner was Elvis outside Bop Street Records.

Here is some more pictures of Halloween costumes on Market Street.

This year Will was significantly more excited for Halloween than last year but we are fortunate that he doesn’t seem to connect the dots with ‘if you trick or treat more, you receive more candy’. Thrilled with his candy haul but after about 1.5 hr, he lost motivation. We returned to our street about 6:30 and he was more focused on running up and down the sidewalk (fueled by Twix bars) showing off his pilot suit and seeing other kid’s costume versus trying to acquire more loot.

Very curious to see how things play out next year…

(a late addition)

Love, Expulsion, Revolution

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