Migrating Salmon in Piper’s Creek

One of my favorite parks in Seattle is CarKeek park. Contains a nice open green space, great for picnics, a playground and access to 100 yard stretch of beach on Puget Sound opposite the Olympic Mountain range. Just north of Ballard, and holds Piper’s creek. The creek is pretty small, maybe 5 to 10 feet wide and usually pretty shallow. The other day, we drove over to check out the creek. A friend mentioned the spawning salmon were migrating up the creek.

In about an hour we witnessed about 20 salmon struggling to swim upstream to spawn. Most of the salmon were Chum, a few Coho and a volunteer also mentioned the creek holds cutthroat trout. These fish range from a few pounds to about 10 lbs in size so quite a thrill to see fish of that size in such a tiny creek.

Piper’s Creek on the beach where it empties into Puget Sound

We enjoyed it so much that the next day we brought KW and some neighbors back to check out the Salmon again.

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3 Responses to Migrating Salmon in Piper’s Creek

  1. Brent says:

    nice! that is my old backyard! And I remember releasing young salmon there every year when I was a cubscout/boyscout! (wow, that was a long time ago!)

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