Tiny Library

LibraryThe other day, the boy and I were walking in the neighborhood and came across a “Little Free Library”. I’m not sure how about the history of the program but I think several years ago there was a movement to build these tiny libraries all over the city. I know of at least 4-5 just in Ballard. People can build and stock them with any books they choose.

The boy asked what it was and when I told him anyone could take out a book, he quickly selected one, pulled it out and asked if he could read it, right now. “Sure”, I said so he sat down on the sidewalk and read me the entire story then put the book back in the Little Library.

Yes, he can read. Not every word but it’s stunning how fast this habit just ‘happened’. Seems like one day he could not and the next he could read. And in just Kindergarten. I swear I recall struggling to read, “see spot run”, in first grade. Things do change. His teacher said most of the class can read already, to some degree and that’s normal.

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2 Responses to Tiny Library

  1. Wow! Your son has really grown since I last looked at your site! It’s great that he’s hitting the ground running with books. My oldest is in first grade and he’s a voracious reader of books far above his grade level and that was my hope all along. It’s an amazing springboard to so many other things. On a slightly different note, I love the idea of those Little Free Libraries…..but it seems like I can never find anything good in them to read. They’re like where bad yard sale books go to die, haha! Hope your neighborhood is different.

  2. Thanks for your note. Yes, we are very pleased the boy is motivated to start reading in kindergarten. I don’t think I could read until about 2nd grade. 🙂

    I’ve looked through several tiny libraries and yes, a mixed bag of content. Most books likely heading to yard sale or Good Will.

    BTW, I’ve really enjoyed your hiking stories and amazing photos. We hope to get our boy into longer walks (short hikes) this summer.

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