Still running towards a BQ

The last few posts have been all about the boy but I’m still running and still motivated to BQ in May. Just noticed less than 12 weeks before the Eugene Marathon. Holy Sheet….

The training has gone well so far. Officially started the ‘program’ a month ago. My online coach develops next week’s weekly plan based upon feedback I give him on the current week’s training. We share a google.xls. Due to consistent weekly miles of mid 20 to low 40s this fall, I think my base is solid enough to help avoid injury, as the miles pile up.

Here is a good example of  one week’s plan, from last week (41miles) :

  • Monday- 30 min easy
  • Tuesday – Start with a 10 min warm-up and a stride or two. Stop for a minute, relax, and strip to your shorts if it’s good weather. Then do 50 min moderate (not hard) focusing on running efficiently. Finish with a 10 min cool-down
  • Wednesday- 30 min easy
  • TH- 40 min easy
  • Friday- 20 min easy run, 10 x 20 second fast hill strides (steeper the better), 10 min cool down
  • Sat- 90min long
  • Sunday- rest recovery

The weekly plan is a good mix of easy, long, speed and hill runs. Also, I’ve never run 6 days a week before and I’m paranoid about that but just gotta remember to listen to my body. If I’m really sore/tired, take an extra day of rest.

Another new aspect of this training plan is the Long runs. My longest will be 23 miles and I’ve never run further than 20. THIS will be a real challenge. Most 20 milers, I’ve been spent and to reach “20” knowing I have three MORE miles to go is going to be mentally tough.

I’m also trying to hit my target weight of 170. Mostly hovering around 174-176 the past month. And that is fine. Going to be difficult to hit this target since I’m developing more muscles and more challenging, I AM HUNGRY ALL THE TIME.

Gotta stop eating huge lunches and snacks. Try to eat more veggies and drink more water.

We shall see…

What is your biggest challenge during training? Getting in the miles, controlling your hunger or recurring injury?




About Scott

Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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7 Responses to Still running towards a BQ

  1. Wow 23 miles! Sounds daunting now, but on race day it should be a real confidence booster 🙂
    Regarding running 6 days a week, are you doing any specific cross-training as well? I have the same worry, especially since I’m not used to higher mileage weeks, so I’m trying to set aside 1.5 – 2 hours a week for cross-training.
    Biggest challenge = definitely controlling my hunger. I think I have a relatively healthy diet (compared to what it used to be), but I’m trying to cut a few lbs myself. It’s the last few that are the hardest, especially when you’re building up mileage!

  2. Getting in the miles and the last few pounds!!! I’m training for my first marathon {scary and exciting!}, and it’s hard to block out the time to get out there, or make myself focus at the gym. But also, I’m trying to drop 4 or 5 more pounds but I just want to eat all the time. Last night I had to make avocado brownies because my chocolate craving would not shut up.

  3. Don’t focus on your weight. Focus on getting quality runs in and FEEDING yourself so you can keep them high quality and reduce the change of injury. I have run Boston twice…I NEVER weigh myself.

  4. Applebums says:

    6 days of training! I wish I’d already be there. Maybe try to find out which are the key sessions for the week that you really need to do. So it’s easier to accept an additional rest-day.
    For the weight.. I’ve to be careful that it’s not becoming an obsession! Maybe Eating 5 little portions per day instead of 3 big?

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