Peak Fall

Fall is a brief season here in the NW. Usually doesn’t start until mid/late September and often is pushed out by early November.


Last weekend, we met friends at Green Lake playground whose son is a few weeks younger than Will.

When those two get together they are like ‘peas and carrots.’

I think we timed our day at the park to near the Peak of Fall, in terms of the tree colors. Stunning.

And clearly, not all the trees in the NW are evergreen.

Kyle and Will enjoy a few fallen leaves

Kyle and Will enjoy a few fallen leaves








This weekend, the mountain snow level was down to about 2,500feet. Soon, Fall’s short seasonal show will end.

Speaking of seasons… about a year ago, we asked Will if he could name the four seasons. His reply:

  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Fall
  4. Skiing!!

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