Some Numbers

I’ve crunched some numbers recently to see how the training I’m currently doing compares to how I trained for some other marathons.

Without looking at the numbers, I know I’m running A LOT because I’m tired, most of the time. Being tired does have some benefit- getting some good night sleep.

Also, I know I’m running heaps because I’m sore, most of the time. If its not my tight left calf then my right patella tendon is sore or maybe the left ankle is swollen, again. Dang Achilles tendon is barking for the foam roller…

There are two ways to look at this situation:

  1. the negative- all this tiredness, soreness, your body is trying to tell you something. And if you don’t start listening, your body will revolt and that ain’t going to be pretty.
  2. the positive- I’m running a sh*t load of miles- Yippee! I’m getting stronger, more endurance to hold pace and I have a legit shot at hitting my target marathon time.

Call me crazy but I’m going to focus on the positive, at least today.

Just put together this little table that clearly shows what I’m doing now, compared to the miles run for other recent races. The “previous XX weeks” is the number of weeks before the race.

I knew the 12week number for the CIM would be the highest but I’m blown away at the CIM 24 week number. I had no idea I was running that many more miles than I usually do.

Race:Result CIM 12/8/2013 TBD

Tunnel 7/14/2013


Victoria 10/7/2012-


hit Wall HARD

Tunnel 2012-


Victoria 2011


Previous 12 weeks 490 328 321 265 339
Previous 24 weeks 900 479 655 573 604

Guess these numbers explain the state of my body.

About Scott

Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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2 Responses to Some Numbers

  1. These numbers merely show me that you’re having a great time!

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