Many firsts in December

Dang it, I’m not improving getting posts up. Sorry.

Since I’ve last written many “firsts” for Will. We watched our first Tarheel basketball game, first Speech Therapy appointment and first Christmas.

Let’s start with college hoops. Brother John (not to be confused with my other brother John) arrived 12/15 for the holidays. On the 18th, neighbor and fellow Tarheel Henry invited the clan over to watch the UNC vs. Texas basketball game. For those who may not know, Univ of North Carolina men’s basketball is the only sport we closely follow and therefore care about, with any degree of “passion”. And the level of passion rises and falls, depending upon if UNC is mired in trench warfare against Coach K and his minions.

Henry and Michelle have two boys (aged 4 and 7) who are several years ahead of Will in their knowledge of Tarheel basketball and disdain for all things Duke. They are great role models.

Adam shows Will his book of the UNC 2009 NCAA Championship season.

Although the Heels landed a few points short of victory, the game proved valuable in laying the foundation of UNC hoops knowledge (some say indoctrination).

Last Tuesday we met with a Speech Therapist for an evaluation at Group Health. During the 1.5 hour appointment, Will was tested for current language comprehension and communication. As expected, he scored very low in his communication (“No” is his only word) but 85% for comprehension. For months, we’ve noticed (with awe) that he understands nearly everything we say. And given the fact he has only heard English for 6 months, 85% is remarkable. The therapist also said he has several traits that should aid in his language acquisition:

1. He really wants to talk

2. mimics our speech

3. babbles and vocalizes

4. is a good listener

Within a few weeks, we will begin our weekly speech therapy sessions to help accelerate his speech development

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2 Responses to Many firsts in December

  1. kerryanne says:

    Great news about the comprehension- that is the most important thing! We had similar things with Minh but once we got a few tips, etc. there was no stopping him.

    • Scott says:

      Just heard today, we are on the schedule for Speech Therapy sessions. Start 1/7. We better enjoy this quiet time while we still have it.
      Hope you have a fantastic new year (and warmer temperatures). Tell the family we send our best.

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