Perhaps European?

Currently sitting with Will as he eats lunch. Downed a few noodles and lots of rice with some mild curry sauce.

Americans receive grief for quickly eating meals. Since we are over the hour mark, perhaps Will is a bit European.

Any tips on how to keep him “on task” while eating and speeding up meals?

The running is going so-so. Get my long runs in but skipped two mid week runs last week. Finally made it back to yoga after two weeks. Since this class was “basic yoga,” they spend more time with breathing and simple stretching so I don’t feel the workout is as strenuous as I’d prefer. So after class spun on bike for 20 minutes to get the heart rate up a bit. Also, I’ll try to get a 4 miler in, once KW gets home.

Maybe my next post, I’ll detail all the things involved with going to yoga…

And still debating in my head if I want to buy a training watch/GPS thing-a-ma-bob. Thinking Garmin 405 xc. Need more research.

About Scott

Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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2 Responses to Perhaps European?

  1. kerryanne says:

    Leave him be…soon enough he’ll decide there are far more interesting things to do than eat and you’ll be nagging him to slow down, sit down, chew, swallow….


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