SAHD lessons, so far…

It has only been 2, no 3 weeks since I became a full time, stay-at-home-dad. A few lessons learned:

1. Be patient

2. Toddlers will throw food

3. A 23 months old may try to avoid it but in the end, gravity always wins

4. Unavoidable, you will do heaps of laundry

5. Not a good time for the dishwasher to be broken

6. If you think you accomplished nothing day, you will still be tired.

7. Up at 5am to run… yeah right

8.  Always remind Will, two hands on the cup while drinking

9. Every day, you will laugh (some more than others)

10. There is no limit how many times you will read Good Night Moon each day

About Scott

Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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2 Responses to SAHD lessons, so far…

  1. kerryanne says:

    Oh this is perfectly perfect in every way!!!!!!!!! lol

    KW steered me to your blog. I love it. I’m a SAHMommy as you know so we can commiserate from time to time!

    • Scott says:

      Hello Kerryanne.
      Good to hear from you. Hope the family is well. Thanks for including your blog address. I’ll add a link to it, from mine. Tell Hans Howdie!

      And yes, any and all stay-at-home advice is always welcome. These cold, wet, dark winter days are more challenging. And, it isn’t even Winter yet.

      Keep in touch

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