End of an era

Today is the last day of kindergarten. Can’t believe how fast the year has flown by. It is the end of an era.

IMG_5690And can’t believe the amount of change in the boy, since school started.

First of all, he can read. This is shocking to me because I recall that when I was in kindergarten, all I used to read were Sergeant Rock comic books. And when I say ‘read,’ I really mean just look at the pictures.

His definition of ‘reading’ is actually reading. Sure, a bit slow and needs to break down words and sound them out. He LOVES the little house of the prairie series and each night, we read a few pages and he reads a page or two. I am really impressed. His reading skills seemed to emerge out of nowhere and he continues to improve rapidly.

Next, he likes school. Last summer, I heard stories from friends whose kids didn’t like kindergarten and/or often didn’t wan to go, so daily battles erupted, just to get them out the door. Likely, the boy will complain and say he doesn’t want to do A, B or C but when push comes to shove and he arrives, he will participate and usually enjoy whatever the activity is. (soccer, track, school, guitar, etc). I think we had one single morning when he said “I don’t want to go to school” and really fought it. I convinced him he really needed to go to school today because if he didn’t his friends would miss him. Somehow, I got him out the door and on the bike.

Last, his creativity and interest in making paper airplanes continues to far surpass his parents’ skills. I think I’ve mentioned before he has several origami (paper) airplane design books. And these instruction books are far from tailored for 6 year olds. Truthfully, he can’t complete most of these instructions but what I love is that he keeps at it. He likes to lay on his bedroom floor and just study the designs. Over time, he takes steps forward and keeps trying to fold these paper airplanes.

Just yesterday he was in his bedroom, reading the book and asked me for help. Naturally, I got nowhere. Could follow the instructions about two steps before I messed up the paper airplane folds, became confused and gave up. His reply was, “that’s ok dad, mom can’t make this one either.”

This morning before school, I asked him to draw a thank you card for his teacher. She has been great and he really likes her. I was hoping he’d draw a simple picture, maybe color it and write “thanks, have a great sumer.” Well, he immediately folded the construction paper in half and colored the front, inside and back cover. It was awesome, here is the back:

FullSizeRenderLove those eye brows.

For me, I can’t really remember much about my kindergarten experience but I recall more about first grade. So, it will be very interesting to watch him go through next school year, as a first grader as I compare my experiences, being a first grader. Yeah, I know school and the world are a VERY different place from the early 70s but I look forward to see him engage in the upcoming challenges that is being a first grader.

Oh, one side note I need to write down that documents how clearly one aspect of kindergarten has changed from the 70s. The social media thang.

As I walked outside of school today, after dropping him off at the classroom door, I ran into a kindergarten classmate and his father at the bike racks. The student was locking up his bike while the father knelt down, taking a photo of his son. I walked by and said, “gotta document this historic day.” The dad replied, “of course and my wife is out of town so need to send this to her.” We chatted briefly and the father kept working with his phone, I think editing the picture or trying to send it. The son stood there, grew impatient and finally said, “come on dad, let’s go, I can’t be late for my last day of school.” The dad replied, “just one more minute, you only have one, last day of kindergarten so gotta get this down for your permanent record.”

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  1. bgddyjim says:

    I sure don’t miss those days. I like my kids much better as little people.

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