Horrible parents

“Parenting” isn’t a science, its an art and sometimes is just plain hard. But, there are a few things you can be successful, as long as you ‘remember’ to do them. Once your child starts losing teeth, do NOT forget to call the tooth fairy.

The boy has now lost SIX teeth. So, when the latest popped out, we had been through the tooth fairy routine 5 times before. We should have known what to do. But no… we dropped the ball, screwed it up. We forgot to contact the tooth fairy.

The morning after he put the latest tooth under his bed, he awoke and walked into the kitchen with the saddest expression on his face and announced holding the tooth, “the tooth fairy” didn’t come.”

I stuttered out a few words out but then managed to say, “Oh, that is ok, I’ll talk to the tooth fairy today and we’ll work something out. I had heard yesterday was a very busy for kids losing teeth so the tooth fairy was working over time last night.” Amazed, he seemed to buy my lame excuse.

Later, I text KW and said, “we are horrible parents.” To make him and myself feel better, this horrible parent drove to the toy store and bought him the smallest lego set I could find. A truck or something.

That night, KW wrote out an apology letter to the boy, from the tooth fairy. She wrote how the tooth fairy was so sorry she couldn’t get to the house last night. Lots of teeth have been coming out, all over the world. To make up for it, she was leaving an extra special treat.

Usually, our tooth fairy has been leaving coins, from KW’s work trips to India, Africa, Europe, etc. And he has enjoyed playing with these different colored and shaped coins. This time, opening up the lego package, his excitement seemed to convey he wasn’t so upset anymore.

One more thing about the boy losing teeth…As soon as he discovers a loose tooth, he starts working it, twisting, turning it. No need for tying string to it and a door, at our house. Usually, within a day or two the tooth is pulled out.

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Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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2 Responses to Horrible parents

  1. Dianne Elderkin says:

    Scott, Join the Horrible Parents club. Ben lost a tooth one night in November 1989. The next morning he rushed into our bedroom, heart-broken, to tell us it was still under the pillow. Dave, always quick at the draw (and having just been watching the news), explained that the Berlin Wall had fallen the day before, and that the Tooth Fairy had been very busy visiting children behind the Iron Curtain for the first time in decades. The explanation worked! He survived.

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