Heading to Eugene

It’s been a LONG 23 week training cycle for this marathon. Started way back in Dec 2014 and I think this cycle has been the most unique of all my marathons.

First starters, I’ve never trained more than 18 weeks. Second, the first training week, ran 4o miles. Normally, I start in the 20s and gradually build up for weeks before hit 40. Not this time. My 5th week, crossed 50 miles. I think these big, early miles speak to the high level of base fitness I started this training cycle with. (I need to remember that).

On the flip side, the cycle has seen plenty of disappointing events that took away from logging the miles I wanted; knee issue and sickness.

So, with just a few hours before I head to the airport to fly to “Track town USA”, how do I feel about hitting my goals?

Guess, I should first state my goals:

A. 3:22 with lots of joy
B. < 3:30 with joy
C. Finish, some joy and avoiding the First Aid tent

I haven’t given enough ink to my online coach, David. He and the community of his other clients have been a HUGE plus in my training. David motivates with kind works such as

“Also, just run with joy in the race! Never ever let your brain take a southward turn. Just smile no matter what 🙂 ”

Approaching races when time matters (like a BQ), it is so easy to focus on the negatives:

  1. wish I hadn’t gotten sick
  2. wish I hadn’t missed those 4 long runs
  3. wish, blah, blah blah

David is all about the positives. Our last exchange he reminded me about ‘the journey’ i’ve taken since December and so many accomplishments I’ve completed:

  1. Crush a 30k only after a week after sickness and at the end of a 50 mile week.
  2. Completed more speed work, going faster then ever before
  3. Arriving at Eugene healthy. THAT is the biggest accomplishment, to me.

I can’t recall how many times I doubted to myself that I would even be able to make the trip to Eugene.

My favorite David quote is “learn to embrace the suck”. We all know the race doesn’t really start until mile 20 and you WILL HURT. Since you can’t avoid the pain that sucks, just EMBRACE it!!

Therefore, I’ll answer the original question (how do I feel about hitting my goals?) by saying I am confident I will give it my all, will smile and certainly will embrace the suck.


Once inside Hayward Field, the finish line is 50 meters ahead.

Lastly, just in case I need it, found my secret weapon. After 10+ years buying boring, bland blue Brooks, going with RED! How can you not run fast in red shoes??




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Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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