Sick of April

So glad April is behind us, it was not kind to the boy and I. First the boy feel hard to illness then it was my turn.

The boy (knock on wood) just doesn’t get sick very often. Two bouts of pneumonia and standard runny noses are all I can recall in our five years together. And similar record for me, the past few years. (minus the pneumonia).

About three weeks ago and just one week before his spring break, the boy started with just a nasty, deep cough. Two or three days in, the fever started and he was out. Temperature never climbed above 101 but for two solid days he barely moved from the big sofa. He’d watch an episode or two of cartoons then fall asleep for 2,3 up to 5 hours. Wake up, drink a bit, nibble on a cracker, watch another cartoon then fall back asleep again for several hours. This went on for over two days. I slept in the downstairs bedroom, since I didn’t want to wake him up on the sofa to carry him to his bed.

About day 3 or 4 I took him in to the doctor because his deep cough, hoping it wasn’t more pneumonia. Luckily, his lungs were clear this time but we were told need to let this bug run its course. Not much to do but try to keep him hydrated and get some rest. He would eat a Popsicle or two, some fruit and a bit of ice cream but not much food for nearly a week. Must have lost 5 pounds off a frame that can’t afford to lose a single pound.

Finally, on a Friday, after missing an entire week of school, he started to laugh and smile again. That afternoon, my cough started….

Did I mention the entire week the boy was on the sofa, kw was traveling for work. No finger pointing but being a single parent with a sick child stinks. I didn’t sleep well at all for several nights, just every 15-30 minutes listened to his nasty cough. I am certain that is why the bug jumped to me. My body was spent.

Two days after the boy’s condition drastically improved he and kw flew East to visit her family. I stayed home, in bed. A week of FREEDOM, so many plans… and I barely got off the big sofa for the first three days. Nasty cough, serious sinus congestion and headache.

The previous week, I missed several training runs and had to hire a baby sitter twice to get in two other runs. You can’t pass off a sick kid to a neighbor. At the time, thought I’ll make up the runs the following week. That ‘following week’, ran even less. When I did run, i could feel my lungs wheeze, struggle to fill with oxygen. When I run, I can’t breathe very well- pretty much the worst possible condition to train for a marathon. Missed my two longest runs. All the confidence earned from Birch Bay was quickly slipping away.

The bright spot of my week home alone and sick was a get well card from the boy.

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRenderMy favorite part is the skrach (scratch) section. You rub off the crayon and a hidden image appears. I think he learned this at art class. And I love the maze. Very creative indeed.

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Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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