Spring time in Seattle

We’ve had an incredibly mild winter. Not so much in terms on precipitation but in terms of temperature. Warm temperatures have dominated the region since November and the snow pack is at its lowest level in over 20 years. How little snow, below is Snoqualmie pass ski resort (WA) last month:


Speaking of crazy weather, yesterday, we have an event I’ve never witnessed in my 20+ years living in Seattle. Walking outside at Will’s school about 3:45pm, the sky was dark with ominous looking clouds that seemed to be nearly rolling and twisting with energy. For a minute, Toto and I thought we were back in Kansas (tornado alley). The normally packed playground was nearly empty as parents rushed their kids home, hoping to beat the approaching, apocalyptic on-slot home.

Ten minutes earlier, before I got out of the car at his school, I remember seeing the car temperature gauge read 52 degrees. As we walked across the black top, starring at the sky, you could feel the temperature drop significantly. At that point, I suggested we pick up the pace.

By now, Will sensed something wasn’t right and a few tears appeared as he shouted above the wind at me, “dad, why did you park so far away, again?” Just as we reached the car, the hail began.

A major ThunderHail event:

Here comes ThunderHail

Here comes ThunderHail














The boy was not happy at all. The pounding of the hail on the car was incredibly loud and really upset him. Can’t blame him. I’ve never, ever seen hail last this long, about 15 minutes.

And the temperature gauge now read 38 degrees.

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3 Responses to Spring time in Seattle

  1. That was EPIC. And here I thought we were badass with Thunder Snow this (eternal) winter. 🙂

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