I think I can, I think I can…

One thing I really like and admire with the boy is his determination to complete whatever task he sets his mind to.

A perfect example is learning to climb up a pole. There is tether ball pole in the playground, outside his school.

Napoleon conquers the now famous tether-ball.


We walk past that pole everyday, on our way home from school. There is no ball attached but a chain that hangs from the top, about a third way down. One of the first days of school, we walked past that pole as three little girls tried to climb it. We stopped and watched each of those girls struggle and then conquer climbing up that pole, to touch the dangling chain. After the girls walked away, he jumped on that pole to attempt climbing it. He made it about 6 inches. (Which is further than I could make it). For the next few weeks, as we walked past that pole, he’d jump on that pole and climb just a bit further up.



“Yes! Told you I could do it”

He was THRILLED to finally reach that chain and so proud of himself.

After his triumph, we discussed what strategies he thought helped him conquer climbing that pole. He mentioned his strength, patience but decided the key factor was his decision to climb it barefoot- “like a little monkey.”




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