The next Jack Lalanne?

For those of you have who haven’t seen The Lego Movie, the main character is Emmett. An early scene shows his morning routine. One of the first things he does religiously each day is a bit of exercise, stretching and push-ups, etc. A week or so ago, the boy started to run in place and do push-ups. Initially, I thought this exercise was random but no. It’s “another” influence from his all time favorite movie.

His push-up ‘form’ is rudimentary but he understand the basics of how to do a push up. Not much upper body strength but he can complete a few push-ups.

Early this week, I walked into his room and nearly hit the floor in attempt to hold back my laughter. I how NO idea where he picked this up but he was doing upside down push-ups on the wall.

This picture will definitely be a finalist for pic of the year, if not pic of the decade.


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Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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