Get back into the kitchen

Being a SAHD or an ‘at home dad’ who runs a small business, and also is training for yet another marathon, the days are busy. The activity I do nearly every single day, rain or shine, that isn’t running, I haven’t written about in awhile. Cooking.

Dad's Cooking

Four or five days of the week (M-F) I cook dinner. The wife is a MUCH better cook and really enjoys it so much that to her it is relaxing. She covers the weekend. Me, I mostly cook because me and the boy are HUNGRY. Somebody’s got to it and I’m too cheap to order take out every night. Don’t hate it but after several years, I still haven’t embraced the task.

One tool that I could not live and cook without are several good cookbooks. My most recent acquisition is from Runner’s World. Forget why I bought it… Must have received a coupon or something, since I subscribe to their magazine.

Maybe my expectations were low but I really like this cookbook. Most recipes are pretty straight forward, relatively healthy, don’t take hours to prepare. And even this wife thinks they taste good. Also, each recipe lists a pretty picture (which I believe is a must have), the time required and nutrition per serving. There are about 150 recipes and I’ve attempted about a third of them and nearly every single one, I’d cook again.

How can you go wrong with:

  • Caramelized onion and fig pizza
  • Bean and Veggie chili
  • Slow cooked clam chowder
  • Spinach, bacon and sweet potato salad.

Check it out and Happy Cooking!

About Scott

Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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  1. Applebums says:

    Good to know! I should consider it. Thanks for sharing!

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