Looking at the other side of the NYC marathon

I still haven’t decided what will be my next marathon. Been reading reviews and checking out elevation charts of races, mostly ones I’ve never heard one, in the west and mid west for next Spring. I’d prefer to drive but a flight of an 1-3 hours is ok too. Must be close to major airport, well organized, fast, flat and cooler the better. I’d like to decide in the next week or two so I can then start my slow ramp up (4-6 weeks) and then begin training schedule (18-20 weeks).

In terms of ramp up, I’d like to be comfortable running 30-40 miles per week, before I start the training schedule. Usually, I ramp up in the first few weeks of the schedule. Hoping those extra weeks will strengthen my base before the speed work and long runs come into play.

This past Sunday was the New York City Marathon. I didn’t watch it, no cable, although probably could have found it online but too lazy to get up early (PST here). Regardless, each year I think about how it would feel to run with the hordes of humanity and pass by a million+ spectators. (My last marathon probably had about 76 spectators). And I always check the elite finishers and read the race report on the NYTimes.

This year, looked like tough conditions with the wind and cooler temperatures. The NYT posted a video showing a side of the marathon not often captured and displayed in the main stream (“lame stream” for you Ms. Palin). After the race is done, the finishers reveal that their suffering has only started. For most, you may be sore for days but first, you have to get home.


Hope those folks going into the subway, that the trains are warm.

And I’m impressed with the type of blankets handed out. They look much thicker and warmer than the typical 10 cent space blankets I’m been wrapped in after the finish.

New York is one of the few marathon on my bucket list. May try to enter the lottery for 2015.

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Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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  1. Good luck on the lottery, I may be putting my name in as well!

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