Stick a fork in, he is done

Is your child Overbooked?

I think I’ve mentioned that kindergarten seems to really take a lot out of the boy. Both physically and mentally. Not that this is surprising but I think we need to keep this in mind when we schedule activities after school.

For example, the school has a most excellent after school ‘clubs’. They are once a week, variety of subjects- chess, music, dance, reading, etc held for two hours. Naturally, I signed Will up for “Lego club”, hosted on Friday afternoons. Last Friday, he attended and naturally LOVED it. Twenty boys and 4 girls, building Lego thangs, in the gym for two hours.

Unfortunately, this particular Friday, the school also offered a Parents Night Out, from 6-8:30pm. Hand full of teachers/adults host activities at the school, for just $15. (it sold out weeks in advance) This means we triple booked the boy that day; school, Lego club then Parents night out.  After we picked him up at 5 from Lego club, go home, eat and returned to school in a hour. Although he seemed excited to return, we could tell he was already spent.

He enjoyed the Parents night out, which was 100 students inside the school, watching movies, playing games and of course, lots of Legos. But, by the next day, and next couple days, his deteriorating behavior revealed how tired he really was.

Saturday, he has Chinese from 3-5pm and usually never complains about going. But the Saturday after being tripled booked, he complained. And complained about not wanting to go. Somehow, I either tricked him or bargained (yeah, i know terrible parent) with him to get him into the car and drive to Chinese class, on time. I felt a bit guilty about it but we REALLY want him to continue to study the language and culture of China.

As we walked into the hallway of the Chinese school, there are about 8 classrooms. Most different levels of Chinese language but a few SAT prep and advance reading/math, etc. (this school will be a blog post all its own shortly) The first person we encounter is a parent talking to a teacher, explaining why her son was not cooperating in class that day.

“I’m so sorry, but he had such a long week, he is just tired.”

Ugh, that hit home. No more triple booked days for the boy.

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