Boston may change the qualifying times, again

Just came across this Runner’s World article. 1,900 Boston 2015 Qualifiers did NOT get into the race. (And I’m one of them). Looks like the BAA ‘review’ of the registration process means they will change the qualifying times again. Make the BQ times faster to ensure all those who earn a BQ can get into the race.

Although I do NOT want to run a faster BQ, I do agree with the intent. Those who BQ should get into the race. Currently, you earn a BQ to have the privilege to “register” with no guarantee entry- that is BS. You qualify you should actually qualify.

So, in anticipation of these likely changes, what BQ time should I now train for and target? Maybe 3:20 instead of the current 3:25….Jesus that is fast. Just thinking about it makes me tired.


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Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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1 Response to Boston may change the qualifying times, again

  1. Wow. I remember reading shortly after I entered my registration info that the BAA was planning on keeping the qualifying times the same for 2016. But 1,900 people is a lot to turn down, so I guess things change. I definitely think this is a good idea, qualifying should guarantee runners the right to run the race.

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