Mother’s Day home made gift, advance work


Last year, I kinda dropped the ball on planning (and delivering the goods) for mother’s day gifts from the boy to my wife.  Truthfully, I can’t remember what ‘we’ gave her but I think it was something that didn’t take much effort, was a rush job at the last minute and no surprise, I sensed disappointment.

So, this year, I put a note in my phone calendar months in advance, ‘reminding’ me to find a better gift to create with the boy for mother’s day. (my memory is so bad these days that most of my life’s activities have an entry and alert in my iCal.) And make this wonderful and magical craft/gift at least a week in advance, in case we (I) really screwed it up we’d have time to try something else.

BTW- Just as background, I am the opposite of craftsy. I had to look up how to spell ‘craftsy’. Thought about bringing in a hired gun, a neighbor who makes everything for her family; from clothes, pillows to pottery, silk screens and even furniture. But no, gotta do this on my own.

The first step, of course, is use ‘the google’. In about five seconds selected these instructions to make hand prints. Damn, I love the Google.

Bonus, few ingredients and yippee, we had everything in the kitchen so no need to go to the store. (oh, minus the food coloring). Truthfully, I really don’t like going to the store, which can make being a SAHD a challenge. (That should be another blog post….)

I discussed the gift idea and the missing food coloring with the 5 year old and he was super excited to make the hand prints. And I located some green colored sprinkles mixed in the cup of water that seemed to work. The hand print would be green. Perfect.

At least once a week, Will and I whip up pancakes for breakfast and he loves to ‘help.’ His help is handling the stirring task. So, I put the ingredients in a large bowl and passed it to the boy. He gave the stirring his all and the resulting paste seemed to look what it should. Very sticky, doughie paste.

Next, I took a handful of the doughie paste and rolled it out in a flat circle-like shape and molded it with the hands to form a more round circle. Now for the fun part. Without instruction, Will gently placed his hand on the circle and pressed down. He enlightened me by saying, “Dad you shouldn’t press down too hard”. Although I had never made these hand prints, clearly he had. Since he remembers EVERYTHING, he went into great detail recalling how his teacher (back at the old school) made hand prints when he was 3 years old.

Next, you simply place the prints on wax paper, slide on a cookie sheet and pop into the oven for 2 hours baking. The first batch, don’t think we stirred or mixed enough because after baking numerous cracks appeared. (air bubbles perhaps?) So, made batch number two.

This batch turned out better, less cracks. The end product resulted in two hand prints. I want a back-up hand print, in case one is dropped or one of us decided it looked more like a green cookie (which they do) and took a bite.

And the results….


Overall, they turned out pretty good. Not amazing. I need to patch that crack and wish I pressed his hand harder into the paste to make a deeper impression. But, add a colored ribbon through the holes and combine the one on left with a card (homemade of course) and another gift (TBD) with waffle (Will’s favorite) breakfast in bed and I think she will be pleased this Sunday.

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6 Responses to Mother’s Day home made gift, advance work

  1. that’s awesome! way to plan ahead and even making a back-up print 🙂 she’s going to love it!

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  3. Jason says:

    Nice job! Well done 🙂

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