Holiday 2013 summary

Few weeks late…

December, after the marathon, flew by. First a quick weekend trip to Suncadia with the Neely clan. Then Grandma Jane and Uncle John dropped in for the holidays.

For the first time, Will wrote Santa a letter making his present requests. Unfortunately, he is still a bit bitter that he did not receive a “Space Shuttle launcher” from that list he wrote to Santa. The other day he informed me that as a punishment he was going to put Santa on the “naughty list.”

Enjoy a few pictures from December.

Will starts off the holiday season by making a snowman and a hanging Santa

Will starts off the holiday season by making a snowman and a hanging Santa


KW and Will on their way home from a day trip to Bremerton on the ferry


Doesn’t everyone take their Lego airplane to the Seattle Center Ice skating ring?


The Gingerbread House that Will made and before Hank ate it.


Will and good friend Asha looking for the snow at Suncadia


Grandma, Uncle John with Will at the Seattle Center Ice rink.


Will gets a lesson how to cut cookie dough.


Fun times with Uncle John


This is what Will’s floor now looks like (every day) since receiving several Lego presents that contain nearly 800 pieces.


Happy New Year!!!


Joining neighbors to burn Christmas trees on the beach at Golden Gardens.


How many people does it take to build a Boeing 767?

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  1. Looks like a lot of holiday fun!!
    I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award… here is a link back to my blog for more information:

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