Up the nose

The other day I saw the boy with his index finger up his left nostril. He is 5 so picking the nose happens. I prefer he spend his time doing other things so I walked over to him. He was really digging up in there. I grabbed a tissue to help remove the ‘assumed’ large booger he was fixated on.

As soon as I reached him, in between falling tears he cried, “it will not come out!” At this moment, I realized he was not trying to dig out what I expected, but a white lego piece. It was so far up his nose, could barely see it. Immediately, I had mixed images; first explaining this situation to an ER staffer and next of our friend Todd who once put a ‘pea’ up his nose (as an adult that is).

As blood began to trickle out of the nose, I tried to bend the nostril a bit to see more of the lego. The blood increased with the tears and soon the tissue was mostly red. I called to KW, “Houston, we have a problem.” And thinking more of Todd and the pea, I recalled it took him about an hour to remove said pea from nose. That ER visit seemed more likely. Fortunately, KW replied, have him blow his nose. Therefore, I covered his right nostril and instructed the boy to ‘blow’ his nose.

One try, two try and on the third attempt the white (now blood covered red) lego piece shot out of his nose. After a few minutes, the tears stopped, the flow of blood stopped and he calmed down.

I don’t think we have to worry about the 5 year old (or Todd) trying that stunt again.

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Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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2 Responses to Up the nose

  1. I also put a pea up my nose (but I was 3 or 4) its definitely a lesson you need to learn, I’m glad you caught it when you did!

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