CIM part 2: Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned:

After my July Marathon, and Victoria last October, I posted about “lessons learned.” This time, I can post about CIM and call it “lesson learned and APPLIED.”

Things I did right:


  • trained full 18 weeks, including two weeks over 50 miles and 6 weeks over 40miles- since Tunnel marathon. I logged about 900 miles (by far the most I’ve ever) in the 6 months before CIM. Didn’t get in all the speed work I’d like but clearly my endurance level was high.
  • Purchased and used a foam roller- 3x per week. On chronically sore/tight muscles this is a life saver.
  • Lost few more pounds. For the past few years, my race weight has been 180, I’ve struggled to lose more. This time, race day weight was 175. I know my knees appreciated it.


  • Carbon loaded day before, at Lunch. Biggest meal of the day.
  • Lighter carbo load dinner before race (basic pasta)
  • pre race breakfast 4 hrs before gun. And drank 16 oz- ONLY

The Race:

  • Consciously tried to drink and eat more. Drank about (18oz) per hour. This was KEY! even on cold day. Ate first Peanut Butter GU 15 minutes before gun then ate 4 more GU during race. No nauseous stomach issues this time. Thanks Peanut Butter GU, never again use Vanilla Bean.
  • Did not stop at all, during the race.
  • After about mile 19, I mentally focused. Thought positive thoughts, visualized crossing the finish line under 3:25 and repeated my mantra- “Hold pace, this is your day.” Over and over….
  • Ran with 3:25 pace group. Another CRITICAL point. I’ve never run the entire course with a pace group before. Although I was usually about 50-100 feet behind the Leader I could still:
    • feed energy off the group
    • listen to their conversations
    • draft a bit, staying behind a large runner to block the wind.
    • not once looked at my watch. Refreshing to just run.  Only saw the time at half way mark and the end.

Next Race:
•    jog a proper warm up before the gun. I would have discovered my right shoe was tied too loosely
•    Fuel-drink and drink more.
•    Enjoy the day

About Scott

Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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