Is that really Chinese?

friendThe first of this month, we switched Will’s schools. We left the neighborhood church based daycare for a Chinese Immersion school.

It was NOT an easy decision. All of us adored the old daycare; the teachers, the low key style, classmates lived in the neighborhood and being able to walk to school. We have no regrets sending him there for two years.

Switching to the new school was in the works basically since we adopted the boy. Giving him the opportunity to acquire his native tongue not only will help him reconnect to China but obviously grand him an advantage in our ever shrinking global economy and life. And a third reason is that we wanted him to take the road less traveled. It would have been so easy to stay where he was and not take the risk that he may not enjoy a new school. But, that isn’t the type of child we hope to raise. We want him to be a risk taker, be comfortable to step outside his comfort zone and not fear the unknown.

The reason we delayed in placing him into a Chinese preschool is because his Speech Therapist suggested giving him some time to master being physically able to create the sounds required for English before adding another language. Two months ago, this same therapist gave us the green light so we began our search to find a Chinese preschool.

Each dinner, we attempt to have Will share what he learned that day, but he’s pretty reluctant. But, on his own time (that control thang) he’ll draw a Chinese character, sing a chinese song or tell us what an English word is in Chinese. He tells us so many Chinese words that we actually thought he was just making them up. Since we don’t speak the language, we can’t verify what he says.

Last Saturday we had lunch with Roman and Weinja, the Chinese grad students we hosted for three weeks last month. During the meal, Will began to speak Chinese, he was counting. And Roman was shocked, he said his pronunciation was ‘spot on’. Then Will drew a few Chinese characters and again they were impressed.

Pretty darn good for a 4 year old who has only had two weeks of Chinese.

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6 Responses to Is that really Chinese?

  1. Katie says:

    I hope he catches on and starts teasing you!

  2. Anne says:

    Fascinating. The brain is truly amazing, I bet there is a vault of Chinese in his brain that will slowly get unlocked by daily practice. Are you two taking lessons? Better get on that before his teenage years or he’ll use it against you!

  3. Dianne Elderkin says:

    Great story. Don’t know if we ever told you this story about Ben. Shortly after he arrived (at age 2), Dave was in the hospital for an operation. One of his nurses was Korean, so we told her all about our “brilliant” child and how he was talking away – in what we expected was Korean. She said, “Bring him in! I’ll tell you what he’s saying.” So we did, and she did. It was all jibberish! But said with the greatest conviction! I’m glad that Will’s speaking REAL Chinese. Can’t wait to hear him.

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