Next race….?

Since my last marathon in July, I’ve had mixed feelings about my next marathon. Seem to feel less excited about the entire process; developing the running schedule, finding a race and beginning the mile ramp up. Perhaps it was the post marathon blues. But these blues lasted well past a few wees. It’s not that I’m losing motivation… ok maybe I am.

Should I take some time off, give training and racing a rest for awhile..?

tired-runnerA few arguments on this side:

  • Maybe 2014 will deliver a new, fresh perspective….
  • Taking a break would allow my body to fully ‘recover’, heal
  • I can focus the time I would spend on training on something else, like my ‘slowly’ emerging small business.

Or maybe I just need a new ‘approach’ to the entire enterprise that is called “marathon training”.

During August, I debated these questions in my head and darted back in forth about what I want to do next. But while I considered my next move, I did take the step to start, slowly, ramping up miles and developed a rough training schedule.

Not exactly sure when or how I found peace in making a decision but I did, about a month ago.

It may have helped that I found a race that satisfied my key requirements:

  • I wanted to fully train, 18 weeks
  • A flat, fast course to help hit my BQ
  • Geographically (sort of) close to our NW home.

The race I am now targeting is the California International Marathon (CIM). I’m following a full 18 week training schedule. Been years since I’ve done that, since I usually under train for the first marathon of the year(May) then 8-12 later (summer), I’ll run a second and 8 weeks later (Fall) my 3rd of the year. This time, my focus is just one race.

I REALLY hope not to repeat mistakes of the past. A few of these mistakes include, not enough:

  • training. (weekly and total miles) No more 12 week plans.
  • speed work. BQ requires tempo, interval and stride runs.
  • thought into race day fueling and hydration strategy. And following it

The biggest change in this current training schedule is the total weekly miles. Many races I’ve run a few 40 mile weeks and peaked mid 40s or a few times peaked at one 50 (weekly) miles. This time I’ll run five 50+ mile weeks.

So, far so good. The last two weeks legs been tired but I feel stronger. Fingers crossed the body doesn’t revolt from the speed and extra miles in this training plan.

About Scott

Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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