“Bad Driver!”

I’ve written before about having to be careful of what I say in front of the boy, since he likely will repeat it. Guess I haven’t learned my lesson.

Sometime ago, he and I were caught in that never ending toddler conversational loop when he wanted something that I didn’t believe he should have and he kept asking, “why?” could he not have it. After his 16th or 17th ‘why’, instead of giving a reason, I must have desperately stated, “that’s the way the world works, sorry.”

And now, about one a week, when I ask him to do something that he doesn’t want to do, he’ll say he’s not doing it, because “that’s the way the world works dad.”


Another example–A few months ago, I was driving the boy somewhere….and I rounded one of those tiny Seattle traffic circles going a bit faster than I should….

And I bumped the curb.

From the back seat, I immediately heard, “Bad driver, you dad are a bad driver!”I didn’t deny it since I had just run over the curb with the car. But who needs a four year old calling out your mistakes?

I’m not sure where he picked up this phrase but looking on the bright side- better he repeat that phrase versus a few other choice words I’ve called other drivers who do bonehead maneuvers.

And I likely did not tell KW about this new phrase of his but she learned of it soon enough.

The other day, she and Will headed to the store and she was following a car a bit too close and when they braked hard she required a quick stop. And immediately from the back, guess what she heard?

“Bad driver, bad driver momma!”

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2 Responses to “Bad Driver!”

  1. suzanne says:

    Love ‘the boy’ stories! πŸ™‚

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