Summer trips, part 1

Can’t believe it’s already August. Not just August but well into August. Where did the summer go….?

At least I feel we’ve taken advantage and taken some memorial trips. And I don’t think I’ve discussed any. So, here is a brief summary:

Memorial day- Catherine Creek, Oregon

Nice easy hike above the Catherine Creek campsite

Nice hike above the Catherine Creek campsite, even in the rain


Doesn’t everyone road trip in your pajamas?


Is it smores time?

Since visiting for the first time last summer, we’ve been itching to return to NE Oregon. Picturesque scenery, few crowds, endless stars and warmth. We bit the bullet and returned to NE Oregon for the Memorial Day weekend. It’s about 7 hours from Seattle but truthfully, I don’t mind the long drive. Once over Snoqualmie pass, the landscape of Eastern Washington is stunning.

The weather was a bit colder than normal and luckily just a spot of rain here and there kept the crowds home so the campsite was nearly empty. At night it was cold enough that I brought three extra blankets to lay on top of our sleeping bags in the tent. We slept well and Hank too, all in one tent.

The highlight of the weekend was Will on his bike. Two summers ago, a friend gave him a push bike and it really helped his balance and he LOVED it. This spring, I found a nice used regular bike for him with training wheels. But I took off the training wheels before giving it to him. He used it as a push bike and slowly started to pedal, some.

Since the campground was parsely populated,  he had the road to himself and biked for hours. Luckily, I had the camera ready when he put all the practice to use with his first bike ride:

A big day!

June- Rehobeth Beach Delaware

Uncle John helps bury Will in the sand

Uncle John helps Will bury himself in the sand.

Every June, my mother’s side of the family rents a house at Rehobeth Beach, DE. My mom grew up in the ‘other Washington’ and so has been vacationing at Rehobeth since before Tricky Dickie’s “Checkers Speech.”

Will loves spending time with his cousins and had tons-o-fun with his cousin Cole and Cloe. Playing at the house, on the beach and riding some rides with the thrilling sights and sounds on the famous boardwalk.

Chloe, Uncle John and Will hanging at the house

Chloe, Uncle John and Will hanging at the house








Next Post- Summer trips, part 2; Philly, Mazama, Marblemount

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