New favorite song

Will really enjoys music. Often, he’ll play his toy piano or guitar. But what he really loves is to sing. And he is not shy about it.

He has sung at school, at friend’s house and even at a restaurant. Hope we can help nurture that type of self-confidence. Wish I had it…

Currently, his favorite song is “Leaving on a jet plane”, which I think I’ve discussed earlier. Prefers John Denver to PP&M. And he actually knows about 90% of the words.

But the other day, my brother had sent a video of the latest Brit (alt rock, folk, whatever label) wunderkid and I played it with Will nearby. Within 5 seconds he ambled over and asked, “what is that?”

He stared at the screen, silent, in the zone. Asked to hear it again.

It’s Jake Bugg, at just 19 can express the longing of one decades older. If you haven’t heard of him, likely will soon. Powerful stuff:

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