Save the little things they say

Yesterday, at, as my friend Todd calls it, the “BM” (Ballard Market), one of the check out folks spoke to Will as I loaded our supplies on the check out belt. Asked him his age and he replied “4”. Next she turned to me and smiled then said, “make sure to record all the great things he says. They give the best advice.”

I wasn’t surprised to hear the suggestion to record him but was surprised to hear the reason to record- ‘their advice.’

Speaking of what great things to save or savior that toddlers say…the other day, I wish I could have prerecorded what he said in a public place and then deleted it before he said it. Will and I were talking to a group of parents and one 2 year old, that we do not know very well and Will turns to the 2 year old and says, “I like your penis.” Stunned and embarrassed, I grabbed him and lowered down to speak directly into his face and warned him about using ‘bathroom words.’ I didn’t want to over react, since that would reinforce to him that saying that word leads to parental reaction. Then (of course) within seconds, the 2 year calls out, “penis, penis, oh my penis.”

Now I’m even more embarrassed, luckily the child’s mother saves the day by saying, “yeah, we are very familiar with that word.” And I try to laugh it off.

Glad I didn’t make a big deal of it because I know it could have been much, much worse. Could have been the ‘F-bomb’.

So, what amazingly, inappropriate or embarrassing words has your child spoken in public?

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