How far and how fast?

After the end of January injury, (a weird above the left knee, inside muscle strain)I stopped running completely for 5 weeks and for the past month have been slowly jogging with a decreasing amount of walking. This week, I’m finally back to just running, no walking. I’ve got 15 weeks before the marathon I targeted as my 2013 BQ attempt. So, the big question(s) is how quickly can I ramp up the weekly miles and how fast I can run?

The norm is to only increase your total weekly mileage by 10%. But, since I don’t believe I lost all my stamina, I think I can ramp up a bit quicker. Is 20% weekly increase too risky?

Also, I’m thinking of starting speed week in about 3 weeks. Likely do mile repeats.

BTW- I am itching to run long (hour+) again. I’ve missed the peace it brings.

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Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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7 Responses to How far and how fast?

  1. That’s a great photo – best of luck with your training!

  2. Yes, a really good photo. Wish I could admit I took it….

    And Thanks for stopping by to read my blog.

  3. Jolene says:

    Wow, I am super far behind in reading your posts, but it looks like you were out for about as long as me! Actually I am still going on my break. I am now onto week 6! I just got a treatment this morning with the graston technique. OUCH! It was extremely painful! Plantar fascitis is deadly… . Some people would think I’m crazy to want to run again after an injury like this, but I’ll certainly be back for more torture :).

  4. I haven’t run further than 3 miles (very sad) but hoping the PT say (this thursday) I can start the slow mile ramp up.

    Plantar fascitis is deadly. I’ve had mild cases on and off for years. Long, slow calf stretches seem to help me suppress it.

    Keep up the ‘torture’ and good luck.

  5. I’m with you on wishing for a long run! I’m having it band/knee issues and haven’t ran in 2 weeks! I would love to do a run, but am afraid I’ll just continue the injury cycle. I’m not sure about increase by 20%, I’m tempted to do the same!

    • You are probably correct, 20% bump is pushing it. I’m thinking more and more that my summer marathon (july) isn’t going to happen or probably ‘shouldn’t’ happen.

      Best of luck with your recovery

  6. Scott Hanson says:

    I’ve been in your situation and I wish you a speedy recovery. Injuries can be so frustrating. I don’t think a 20% weekly increase is too much. You certainly aren’t starting from scratch.That being said, listen to your body and pay close attention to the problem area. If you think you need to back off, do it.

    I’m a firm advocate of the ice baths, foam rollers, compression socks/sleeves and regular injury prevention exercise routines.

    I hope this helps.

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