Two things that stood out, at the Dentist today.

Today, took the boy to the dentist. They know us well. Will isn’t the best tooth brush and flosser, (yeah, we are working on that) has ‘soft’ teeth, so prone to cavities. I think he already has four fillings and several ‘temporary’ filings.

But the first unusual aspect of the trip to the dentist wasn’t that they found more cavities (dang it) but what I saw when I walked from the treatment area to the waiting area. There were four kids waiting for their appointment, or just about to leave, accompanied by four DADS. Not a mom in sight. Don’t think I’ve ever encountered such a situation like this, since the New Yorker Magazine cover last year.

Not a Mom in sight….

I’m not saying that is a good or bad thing just very unexpected.

To my fellow SAHD readers, first bless you, but have you ever encountered this (in a public space, not a mom in sight) and if so, where?

I didn’t talk to any of the dads present but from the way their were dressed, I bet at least two were a SAHD. Which leads me to the second issue that came to my attention.

Two of these dad’s appearance mirrored mine. Exactly. The ‘comfy’ look; jeans, sneakers, sweatshirt and bed head. Who needs to shower before taking your toddler to the dentist at 9am…, not me. And clearly not these two other guys as well.

I’m not saying that is a good or bad thing just haven’t noticed it before. In particular, the bed head part.


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1 Response to Two things that stood out, at the Dentist today.

  1. I have not seen that myself, although I am normally the one taking our kids to the dentist as well. Being a SAHD is definitely becoming more “normal” whatever that is.

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