Show me the $Money$

Besides keeping my son safe, fed, entertained, and to his appointments on time, one of my key tasks as a SAHD is to manage our budget. I wish it was as simple as ‘managing’ but dramatically reducing expenditures, is the focus.

cashBefore I left my job, I started a account to try to understand the impact of losing my income on our overall budget. Didn’t take long that to determine that if we just wanted to break even (spend the same amount as we take in), drastic spending reductions needed to happen and ASAP.

Since most of our largest spending categories were off the table (Mortgage, car payment, monthly College and IRA contributions), the easiest category to put on the chopping block was FOOD. I’ve discussed this topic before, how we are:

  • eating out less often
  • planning more meals ahead of time
  • only buying the items on the food list (no impulse buying)
  • trying to use the food and ingredients we already have in the house

And I feel we’ve made significant progress. But recently I ran some reports via and now the stone cold numbers reflect the progress we’ve accomplished.

From 12/2011- 8/2012 our ‘Average’ monthly spending on “Food” (groceries, restaurants) was crazy—$1217 per month. From 9/2012 – 1/2013 it dropped to $777.

Saved $440 per month!

About Scott

Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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4 Responses to Show me the $Money$

  1. vegannparis says:

    That is some serious savings! Congrats!!

  2. Kevin says:

    You’ll get back on track for cutting that food budget. I’m enjoying your blog so far….still exploring!

  3. Thanks for checking out my post. Now, I just gotta find another expense to cut

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