Tis the cold and flu season

I had planned to run the Green River Half Marathon on 1/26 but didn’t happen. Got a strong reminder that is it the cold and flu season.

Last Tuesday, Will developed a tough, deep cough and a temperature (peaked at 104) so visited our Group Health Clinic the next day. The MA (medical assistant) mentioned the flu is wide spread this year and discussed taking a chest x-ray since he developed pneumonia a year ago. But, she decided not to, since listening to his chest, his lungs “seemed” clear. So, we left the office with instructions to keep up the Tylenol and acetaminophen every 3 hrs, as needed for a fever. Lastly, she warned, if his temperature quickly spikes, get him to a doctor.

The next evening, I recalled this warning as his temperature jumped from 100 to 104 in about 15 minutes. So, off to the GHC Emergency Room…Arrived about 11pm and left at 5:15am the next morning when they carted Will  into an ambulance to Seattle Children’s Hospital. (Been awhile since I pulled an all nighter and don’t recommend it) The GHC ER folks gave him several liters of fluid and Tylenol to fight the dehydration and fever but when they noticed his Oyxgen count was dropping, they quickly decided to send him to the Specialists. Even though I knew Will wasn’t in critical danger, seeing your kiddo rolled into an ambulance pulls at the heart strings.

I’ve sung the praises of Seattle’s Children’s hospital before and will so again. We are so lucky to have this facility in town. When we arrived a team of about 6 people met Will and immediately, a level of worry was removed. An attending physician, Intern, Pediatrician, RN, RN assistant were his core care team. Within an hour he was admitted and in his state of the art private room.

Will was diagnosed with RSV(Respiratory Syncytial Virus) Friday morning then later that afternoon they added Pneumonia. (he was trying to get his money worth). RSV is very common with babies but anyone can develop it and it is also common to have another lung issues along side it.

He spent Friday night in the hospital and we really expected to spend Saturday night too. But, Saturday early afternoon, his temperature dropped and his oxygen count had returned to normal for most of the days so they decided to let him go home about 8pm.

Living large on his mechanical bed

Living large on his mechanical bed

Also, by Saturday afternoon, Will’s personality returned. He REALLY enjoyed the controls on his giant mechanical bed. When we told him he could go home, he actually said, “no, I want to stay.”


Thank you so much, Children’s Hospital (and GHC ED/UC team) for world class care.

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5 Responses to Tis the cold and flu season

  1. Suzanne says:

    What a wild ride for all of you. Hope things are back to normal now. Whatever normal is. 🙂

  2. yangyin95 says:

    The picture shocked me at first, but good to know the happy ending. Will must have turned the bed up and down, hasn’t he?:)

  3. You’re right, we’re very lucky to have Seattle Children’s Hospital in our own backyard. Thanks for sharing this. I’m glad there was a happy conclusion to Will’s stay. During his first few years, my oldest son (now 5.5) was prone to asthma-like symptoms when he got upper respiratory infections and came down with pneumonia a handful of times. Once, he had a really severe pneumonia and he had to stay at Children’s for a few nights for observation.

    Being at Children’s for that pneumonia was traumatic for us as a young family without a lot of experience, but it also came with a certain reality check about how lucky we were. As you obviously already know, Children’s is a world class facility that treats a lot of children who are dealing with severe disabilities or mysterious ailments or injuries. We were there another time in the waiting room for a non-emergency appointment that was nonetheless pretty stressful, but ten minutes sitting around and observing some of the other children with clearly far more serious issues made us realize……wow, this isn’t really that big a deal what we’re here for. It became crystal clear that day to me- how valuable an asset Children’s is as a healthcare institution……..

    • Sorry to hear you’ve had to visit Children’s. We were just there this morning, Will has speech and the new wing looks impressive. Glad they were finally able to expand to serve more children.

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