Four Seasons of the Year

Another day up at Steven’s Pass on 12/21. The snow continued to fall throughout the day and the conditions were stunning. The temps have remained below freezing for 2+ weeks, so if you dig down into the snow, you need to go about 5 feet down to find any trace of ice.

Highlight of the day… after I picked up Will from his lesson I asked if he had fun and would like to ski again, he replied “Yes, can we go again and again and again and again!”

Also, the other day KW asked Will what are the four seasons and his reply:

“Spring, Summer, Fall and SKIING!!”

I think he is hooked for life.

Steven's Pass 12/21/2012

Steven’s Pass 12/21/2012


Speaking of Steven’s Pass, this article was in the NY Times last Sunday about the avalanche at Steven’s Pass last winter. One of the most powerful articles I’ve read in a long, long time. And no, I have not snowboarded Tunnel Creek.

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  1. Rita groupie says:

    Don’t forget the cross training Chilly Hilly event on February 24! I expect an extensive blog post following…

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