Calling Major Tom

I’m not sure how and mostly why but about two weeks I started singing, “4, 3, 2, 1 Earth below us, drifting, falling, calling, coming home”, that is part of a random 1980s song about an astronaut in space. Likely, this tune was unearthed from the depths of memory by Will’s Space Shuttle toys. But, then I made the larger mistake by searching for the video on YouTube and letting Will watch it with me. It is now his favorite song and he asks me to sing the song between 3 and 300 times a day. Each time I sing it, he grabs his space shuttle and will mimic a launch and then the shuttle ‘drifting’ through space. It is pretty cute.

Above is the original, an unofficial part two of David Bowie’s “Major Tom”.

But don’t confuse the original to this spin on the same song, that is classic William Shatner:

Personally, I prefer Shatner’s version. Enjoy

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