More snow fun

Yesterday, Will and I drove up to Snoqualmie pass with Will’s good buddy Kyle and his parents to go tubing. Snoqualmie (3022ft) is the lowest altitude ski resort in the state and only opened about a 10 days ago. But, since that time they have received several feet of snow.

We arrived with near perfect conditions, light to medium snow falling, no wind and temps about 30. After parking we walked over to the tube area and the kids immediately jumped in the deep snow and started playing.

Will makes snowballs while Kyle get some big air.

Will makes snowballs while Kyle get some big air.

King of the snow mountain

The kids enjoyed playing in the snow for about 30 minutes before we walked 30 more feet to buy the tubing tickets. And by that time, were sold out for the next 2 hour window of time. So, we’d have to wait 2 hours before getting on a tube. Decided it was snack time, so headed to the car and drove home.

A grand day out, even without actually tubing.

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