Week ending Dec 15 running summary

Overall, a good week of running but missed one 6 mile run. Oh well, I’m still not ‘officially’ in my marathon training schedule yet. That begins in two weeks.

The week’s summary:

  • Monday- moderate 6 miler across the Ballard Locks to Fisherman’s terminal out and back. Pace-9:18/mile
  • Tuesday- first speed work since October. 4 Miles with:
    1 warm up
    1 mi @ 8:00
    1 mi @ 8:05
    1 cool down
  • Wednesday- cross train. The snow gods have smiled on the NW for weeks. Storm after storm keep rolling through and cool temps keep the snow light. Quick trip up to Stevens with amazing quality snow and zero lift lines. Only boarded a half day since I knew what I needed to do the next day
  • Thursday- long run- 13.

Usually, I try to have a rest day before my long run but needed to get this one in before the weekend. Without that rest day, anticipated I’d struggle and I really did after mile 7. But, the fact that I wasn’t so sore the next day is a good sign. I may not have lost much muscle strength since Victoria.

About Scott

Training to qualify for the Boston Marathon and simplify our life, as a stay at home dad.
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