Airplanes and then some more airplanes

Did you know Will enjoys airplanes? Did you know Will knows airplanes? And lastly, did you know Will makes airplanes?

He plays with airplanes, he owns 10+ books about airplanes so he reads about airplanes but his number one way to spend his time is making paper airplanes. It wasn’t so long ago when he didn’t know how, so that he would bring me a piece of paper and demand, “make me a paper airplane.” Now, he folds several a day and only asks for help when he tries to follow his airplane making book, and gets stuck. I think this book was designed for aerospace engineers because Will’s mom and dad simply can’t follow it. These airplane designs are way over our heads.

Even with engineering challenged parents, Will is able to create some pretty complex airplanes. See this picture:

Just a subset of his Toy airplanes and paper airplanes

Just a subset of his Toy airplanes and paper airplanes

Watching how far his airplane making skills have developed in the past two years, I can’t imagine what type of airplane he’ll be constructing in the next two years….

Maybe he can get an internship at Boeing; do they take students still in elementary school?

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